Isle of Ely Rowing Club


Prizes and records

Prizes are offered for categories in which there are 3 or more boats entered. For 2016 we will be awarding 1 pint pewter tankards.

Unless an entrant is aiming for a course record (see below) and specifically asks not to be moved to a higher category; the Race Committee reserves the right to move competitors up one catgegory where this will create races - for example from IM3 to IM2 or from MasD to MasC.

As the length of the race exceeds the longest time covered by the Masters handiap tables, we cannot offer Masters' handicap races.

Course records

The nature of the race lends itself to the challenge of course records.

Performance against course records will be based on the category at which you race. Please note that the Race Committee reserves the right to move competitors to a higher category where this will create races.

If you are aiming for a course record and don’t wish to be moved to a higher category, you should specifically state this in the notes section of your race entry on BROE; and the Race Committee will then not move you from your substantive category. 

Prizes are not awarded for course records.


Times and category winners are posted at the Isle of Ely Rowing Club as soon as they are available, and will be posted on the website as soon as practical afterwards.  


About us

We are a relatively new club founded in 2004.  The club was born out of the Diamond44 celebrations which marked the 60th anniversary of the 1944 University Boat Race rowed at Ely. The Club colours, dark blue for Oxford and light blue for Cambridge, symbolise this connection. We serve Ely and the area north of Cambridge

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