From Boxing Day onwards we are in TIER 4.

This doesn’t change what the club is allowed to do in terms of water activity.

Singles and household doubles are still allowed.

However, given how easily transmitted the new variant of Covid-19 is, please redouble your efforts to maintain social distancing, use anti-bacterial hand gel, spray the boat parts you have touched with the disinfectant spray we have provided, etc.  Please remember also to check in with your NHS app.  Some of the QR code posters are a bit weather-damaged, but there is a much cleaner one in the window of the portacabin.

For full details see the COVID” section of our website.

With ever changing rules to keep pace with latest data on infection rates and especially the emergence of a new strain of the coronavirus, we need to be aware of the government’s and British Rowing’s advice on use of the Rowing Club facilities.

On Wednesday 16th British Rowing issued the following advice about Christmas bubbles, which I assume still stands, except that (following further government advice issued on Saturday 19th) the period when the Christmas bubbles can meet is now Christmas Day only. But you knew that, I’m sure.

Christmas bubbles 

During the period between 23 December to 27 December Christmas Day, specific changes to the COVID-19 restrictions will be in place to allow households to combine to form a Christmas bubble. We would advise clubs and members to be considerate to their fellow club members during this period and after you have ended your Christmas bubble.

Before forming your Christmas bubble: UK Government guidance suggests that you should reduce unnecessary contact with people outside your household for the two weeks before you form your Christmas bubble. During this period, based on your personal circumstances, you may wish to consider restricting your rowing activity accordingly (e.g. not rowing in crews with other households).

During your Christmas bubble: if you attend the rowing club, we would recommend you still treat your Christmas bubble as if it is separate households.

After your Christmas bubble: Government guidance suggests that you should reduce contact with people outside your bubble for the two weeks after you last meet with your Christmas bubble. During this period, you should consider restricting your rowing activity to your own household only (i.e. not rowing in crews with other households).

For more information on Christmas bubbles please see: Making a Christmas bubble

It was this advice which led us to conclude that we should not hold events during the whole Christmas period (including at New Year) which involved any boats other than singles and household doubles/pairs.

So, the club’s advice to you is to book outings in singles, household doubles and household pairs only until further advice.  It is likely that we shall resume rowing in bubbles in quads and fours around 8th January.  We shall keep you posted.

You might have noticed that the north end of the landing stage has been a bit “rocky” recently. Stripping the decking off to see what the problem was revealed what Richard described as “something like the foredeck of the Mary Rose!”

A few new piles and beams later, and a doughty working party has put it back together as good as new.

Screenshot 2021 02 23 at 22.30.40



Well done to club members who won medals at BRIC 2020.

Nicki Glen followed up her medal successes in 2018 and 2019 by winning two this year, in the W60 category – gold at 2k and gold at 500m.

Millie Hurrell also won two medals at her first attempt as a junior in the Yr10G category – silver at 500m and bronze in the 5-minute event.

The Championships were able to go ahead in a Covid-safe way thanks to some innovation and tech, competitors raced each other in real-time, but in their own homes, with their rowing machines connected to race control via the internet. Both rowers showed great focus to compete at a national level in an unusual race – without the usual roaring crowds. Their results are a testament to hard training, despite this year’s challenges. 

Millie’s comments after the event express the sentiments about racing in this way, but also shine a light on our supportive junior section.

I found the home racing a positive and enjoyable experience and very easy to access the BRIC online event.  Being able to see my position during the race on a computer screen encouraged me to work harder, achieving a bronze medal in the 5-minute race and silver medal in the 500m sprint. However, I would have liked the buzz of seeing everyone competing.

 Training has been difficult and challenging at times, although I have had excellent support and guidance on an off the water by all the coaches and between lockdowns trained with one of my fellow junior team members several times a week, which helped drive me on.”

Millie is coached on a Sunday morning on the river by Patrick, Andrew and Richard. Vicky Parry has been coaching and preparing her for BRIC over weekly Zoom meetings and telephone calls during lockdown. Vicky has been a great support for Millie encouraging her to keep her training up over both lockdowns and sending her training plans to do. 

The junior section of the club are really supportive of each other and have kept in touch during lockdown encouraging each other. Prior to lock down they attended gym session twice a week as well as rowing on a Sunday morning.

To train through lockdown, Nicki was coached (remotely) by Duncan McCulloch. 

Nicki says, “A big thanks to everyone at the club, this would have never happened if I hadn’t joined the ‘learn to row’ and been welcomed into such a friendly club that believes rowing is for everyone, no matter your age or size.”

From 2nd December the current lockdown ends, and we are in Tier 2.

British Rowing’s latest advice means that we should follow much the same rules as we were following in the late summer and early autumn. The Rule of Six applies.

Singles, doubles, pairs, quads and fours are allowed, provided you stick to consistent bubbles.