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Cambridge Bumps Days 1 and 2

An exciting evenings racing on Day 1 of the CRA Town Bumps.  Read the article in the Cambridge Evening News to see how our crews got on. 

In Day 2 of the bumps, Isle of Ely women's crew came close to claiming revenge on Cantabs IV with a storming start but couldn’t make contact before Cantabs called time on X Press II crew.  Read the full report of last nights racing in the Cambridge Evening news 

Catch up on all the results on the CRA website

St Ives - Saturday 15th June

Congratulations to all who took part and battled with horrible weather and challenging bends. There were wins for:  
Mens Masters C 4+:   Duncan, Tim, Mike and Orlando
Masters C 2-:  Duncan and Mike
Women's novice 4x:  Tina, Sarah, Gabby, Shona and Caitlin 
Women's novice 2x:  Susan King and Gabby
Cyrus and Bea from the Juniors won the scratch doubles

Star Regatta Bedford

Congratulations on winning Novice 4x- to Myles Kumar, Dan Gullon, Michael West & Will Kingsmill. 

London Metropolitan Regatta Wins

Elite Single Sculls London CupDan Clift

Lwt Elite Single Sculls - John Hale

Photo courtesy of Iain Weir

Intermediate 2 Single Sculls - Leo Lundgren 

For other results click here.


About us

We are a relatively new club founded in 2004.  The club was born out of the Diamond44 celebrations which marked the 60th anniversary of the 1944 University Boat Race rowed at Ely. The Club colours, dark blue for Oxford and light blue for Cambridge, symbolise this connection. We serve Ely and the area north of Cambridge

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