Bumps Crew 2018

Bumps Race Reports

Day 1 - Tuesday

The 2018 Town Bumps got off to an excellent start for the Isle of Ely crews. At the bottom of women’s division 3 W2 (Fentastic) had a great row to overbump ‘99 6s at the White House.

At the top of Men's Division 3, Isle of Ely M1 also had a great row, bumping Champs 3 coming out of Ditton Corner and then climbing into the sandwich boat position in division 2 to bump Xpress 4 just beyond Bovis bridge.

In the women’s Division 2, W1 (Fen Fetales) fought hard to chase City 5 but rowed over when the later caught Radegund.

Day 2 - Wednesday

In women’s Division 3, W2 continued their success from day 1 bumping Cantabs 10 within 350 meters, much to the relief of the crew.

M1, having moved up to Division 2, were chasing Cantabs 7 but despite a strong row were not able to catch them and they rowed over.

In women’s Division 2 W1 reigned in St Radegund to record their first bump of 2018.

Day 3 – Thursday

In Division 3, W1 got off to a bad start but despite this managed to hang on and rowed over. They will be hoping to catch Cantabs 9 tonight.

In Division 2, M1 were unfortunately overbumped by a class 99 5 crew. They will be looking to get their revenge tonight.

In Women’s Division 2, W1 got their second bump of the week by bumping City 5. Tonight they will be chasing City 4 and hoping to move up to Division 1.

Good Luck to all crews on the last night!


You can listen to the commentary of all the action for Divisions 1 and 2 on CamFM

You can view photos in the Bumps Gallery


Cambridge Town Bumps Crews 2018

This week will see three strong Isle of Ely eights participating in the Cambridge Town Bumps with the aim of retaining the John Jenner Trophy.

Tonight the men’s crew will be starting 2nd in Division 3 and will be looking to progress through the week into Division 2.

Last year’s W1 earned their blades by bumping Rob 3, City 6 and 7 and Champs 3. They will start 4th in Division 2 and will try to bump their way up to division 1

W2 will be starting 11th in Division 3. They are a novice crew and most of the crew have not rowed bumps before.

To find out how our crew’s progress throughout the week follow us on Twitter @ioerc


Tuesday’s crews and start times:<

W1 VIII – 18:55

Ellen Bridges (cox),
Jo Williamson,
Angela De Stefano,
Jill McCulloch,
Nicola McCarthy,
Emma Mould,
Nicki Glen,
Melissa Cox,
Lyn Haynes

 W2 VIII – 17:35

Christian Schosland (cox),
Alyce McClellan,
Caitlin Littlewood,
Tracey Sendall,
Kasia Neininger,
Emily May,
Shannon Bishop,
Jane Atkinson,
Saffron MacLeod-Burrows

>M1 VIII – 18:15

Jo Cotgrove (cox),
Josh Pringle,
Duncan McCulloch,
Tim Dodes,
Andrew Kearney,
Charlie Fowler,
Simon Burge,
Jack Barry,
Orlando Buhay

Junior rower Seren Palmer represented the Eastern region of England at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta on Saturday April 18.

Seren won her first round race in the WJ14 (14 and under) single sculls, qualifying 3rd fastest from the two heats.

Seren Junior regatta

ladies 8

Isle of Ely Rowing Club has had success in this year’s Cambridge winter league.

The club has won the women’s eights (Club B) category in this year’s Cambridge Winter League, a series of timed races on the Cam.

The club entered men’s, women’s and junior crews in many different boat classes. Club captain Duncan McCulloch said “I was really pleased to see so many crews that have formed over the last year taking part in this event.

Women’s Division 3

Sweep of Faith continued their campaign with another solid row-over.

Our opposition on day 3 (Cantabs 12) bumped out ’99 6; so for the final night we will take on 99’s.

How will we do? – the clue is in the name – we have every FAITH in our ability to bump them and support our other crews in the bid for the John Jenner Trophy.

Report from our Bumps Crews

Men's Division 3

IMG 4284Looking to build on the successes of Tuesday evening we started Wednesday on the 6th chain chasing Cantabs 8 and followed by Champs 4, looking for revenge. We started well, taking a length off Cantabs by 1st Post, but soon hit very rough water as Cantabs closed on and then bumped City 9 in The Gut, temporarily blocking the river. Realising that there should be at least one boat on the river ahead of us that could be bumped we restarted our pursuit. Now you’ll remember that Jo, our cox, was keen for us to bump before going around the corners on the Cam and as we rounded Grassy we discovered that our tiny rudder was woefully inadequate for the job and we drifted round the corner and side slapped the bank as we entered Plough Reach. Behind us City 11 had bumped Champs 4 and ahead of us the spare boat we were chasing had disappeared so we decided to call it a night and settled for a row-over. On Thursday we chase City 9 and are chased by City 11.

Women's Division 2

W2 Bump Day 2

New Day New Crew!  Molly dropped into the boat at 2 for her first sweep oar experience!  Had a tremendous practice start and even the real start was better than yesterday! The City 6 crew we were chasing had a faster start and were rapidly gaining on City 7. However, we managed to stride well and Ellen called the push just before they did and we closed a length in 6 strokes to another Bump on 1st Post Corner! Now to tackle City 7 before City 6 catches up with us! 

Women's Division 3

W2 (Sweep of Faith) is getting closer – to within 2 whistles of a bump on day 2!

Looking forward, our strategy is seriously upping our training mileage. With a chain near the lock, we get the longest 

possible row down to the start; and two row-overs in 2 nights ensures we are getting maximum practice under race conditions.

Look out Cantabs 12 – we ARE going to get you!