Dear member

We're about to hold the first AGM for the club in our new status as a CIO.

We've taken the opportunity to move the AGM to the summer rather than a cold, dark November evening - more of this below.

However, we have some different clauses of the constitution to comply with before the AGM and I need to ask for your responses to this email by no later than Friday 11 May @6pm:


  • Proposal of motions for discussion 
  • Request for a proposer and seconder for the re-election (en-bloc) of the existing trustees:
    • Teresa Aslett, Chairman
    • Rodney Atkinson
    • Nick Johnson
    • Derek Pickersgill
    • Cecilia Tredget
  • Nominations for new trustees
    • Proposer and seconder of election of new trustees if any are nominated
  • Nominations for members of the management commitee

Criteria for eligibility to become a trustee

The following link will take you to The Charity Commission's Trustee Eligibility declaration which have to be met in order to be nominated.  Please do check this out should you be interested in being nominated.

New format of AGM

We intend to follow the format of the last AGM in that all club officers' reports will be circulated by email prior to the meeting with time given at the AGM for questions on reports rather than the delivery of reports.

More than an AGM!  We're taking the opportunity to combine the time with some practical sessions after the meeting.  We'll be aiming to have a couple of workshops on technical topics such as rigging, opportunities to ask the coaches tips on making sure you're set up correctly for both sculling and sweep rowing which we thought would be useful.  If you've got a topic that you would like included just say and we'll cover the most popular.

Download this file (CIO Early notice letter.doc)CIO Early notice letter.doc[ ]53 kB