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Day 1 of Town Bumps got off to a flying start for Isle of Ely with two bumps and a row over, putting us in second place behind St Neots for the John Jenner Trophy.

Women’s Division 3

W2 (Sweep of Faith) enjoyed their first experience of bumps after starting from scratch just 3 months ago.  The crew was up for it, and very quickly ate into Cantabs 12's lead at the start.but despite a good row they couldn’t quite manage a bump. So, with no one chasing they settled down for a row-over to save their energy for day 2.

With first night nerves now behind them, and much scrutiny of videos of the opposition, the crew is even more up for it for day 2.  Tonight they will attempt to catch Cantabs 12 who failed to bump ’99 7.

Men’s Division 3

M1 made a good start to the week. Despite being pushed back into the bank by wind at the start so that bow side had a difficult first few strokes they recovered well and got up to full speed, pulling away from City 10 easily and closing on Champs 4 with the inevitable bump coming at first post corner. They start day 2 in 6th place. They will be chasing Cantabs 8 and followed by City 11. Their cox Jo has said she doesn't want to use the rudder so expect another bump at First Post.

Women’s division 2

W1 (Ladies what row)  were poised at the start in anxious anticipation. The cannon never fails to set everyone’s nerves jangling: despite warnings, the three girls new to the Bumps gasped!  An unfortunate start had the crew heading towards the metal bank under the bridge and bow side missing their first three strokes.  A combination of the outflow and backwash from the crew they were chasing made blade work difficult and a rhythm hard to find.  Their cox, Ellen, coaxed them back to some semblance of order and they pushed forward, quickly leaving Champs 4 behind. They rapidly gained on Robs 3 boat and Ellen timed a final push perfectly as they managed to bump Robs 3 before First Post Corner, just before they bumped the crew in front.

Tonight they are looking forward to getting a better start and chasing down City 6 before Robs 3 try and get their revenge!

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