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As well as a growing number of successes at regattas by members who commit to serious training, we have an enthusiastic recreational group who may choose to row just once a week. We also have an enthusiastic group of veterans who have returned to rowing after having been out of the sport for various lengths of time.

We have opportunities for experienced rowers at all levels, and we also welcome those who are possibly no longer active, but who can bring experience to help coach our rowers at all levels.

The club is very keen to introduce adult beginners to the sport and we have introduced a learn to row course. If you are interested, please get in touch to find out more, and when the next session is planned.

If you are a junior (11 to 18) who is interested in taking up rowing check out the juniors section or contact the Junior Coach Co-ordinator.

And if all this looks too strenuous for you we also need people to cox our boats. If you can manage and motivate a crew, we will teach you the technical bits. You will be in control and also share all the passion of the rowers.

Whatever your interest, come along and introduce yourself. We're a friendly community based club and we will be more than happy to show you around, however we suggest you contact one of the committee members before visiting the club, so that we can be sure you get a proper welcome!

If you would like to become a member, please contact the club Secretary or visit us, we'll give you a membership form its as easy as that!

How much does it cost to be a member?

There are a number of membership options available and the fees are detailed below. For non-competing members these are the only fees you would have to pay, although we encourage you to join British Rowing as well.

Members who wish to compete at regattas there is a charge by the race organisers for events entered, and if you wish to enter open events you will also need to join British Rowing.

Please note that student refers to anyone in full-time education after the age of 18.

Family Membership: Every adult paying for a full adult subscription will receive a 25% discount for one child. If both parents were members this would apply to 2 children. Children are defined as under 18 and in full time education.

Membership Fees 2019

Direct debit payments

Subscriptions are set and reviewed each calendar year and collected by direct debit on a monthly basis. We therefore require members to set up a direct debit mandate.

If you would prefer to pay the full subscription due for the year in advance (again using direct debit), please contact the Treasurer.

New members joining part way through the year will be charged at the monthly direct debit rate from the time they join. Members may leave at any time, and cancel their direct debit; however any member who leaves and then wishes to re-join within 12 months of leaving will only be permitted to re-join on full payment of subs which would have been paid if they had not left.

We will also use direct debits to collect racking fees for those who keep private boats at the club, and race fees for those entering races, together with a small charge for taking boats to the race (trailering). Racking will be collected monthly with subs, and race fees and trailering will be collected shortly after each race.

Direct debits may only be used for any other payments after prior agreement with the member. Direct debits are operated on our behalf by an organisation called GoCardless. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and subject to the normal Direct Debit Guarantee.

There are two ways of setting up a Direct Debit mandate: 

1) Whilst you are completing your membership application, go to the GoCardless secure website at and complete the simple sign-up form. GoCardless will then contact your bank to complete the formalities, and notify the club Treasurer of your sign-up. 

2) If you have not signed up via this link by the time the Treasurer receives a copy of the form, he/she will arrange for GoCardless to send you an e-mail containing the link and a request to sign up. Any queries or problems, please contact the Treasurer.

British Rowing Membership

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The club is affiliated to the sport's governing body British Rowing. British Rowing offers membership for individuals which is additional to our club membership.

There are four types of membership offered by British Rowing - Race, Row, Coach and Support (for umpires, volunteers and supporters of British Rowing.) Rowers who want to compete in open regattas and races held under the auspices of British Rowing need to be racing members of British Rowing.

The club encourages members who don't want to race to join British Rowing as non racing members (Row). You get full involvement with the sport, extra insurance cover and 6 issues of Rowing and Regatta magazine, which would cost you more than that at the book stall (if you could buy it there which you can't).

Check out the British Rowing website for details of how to join and the benefits of joining as a competitive or non-racing member.