We firmly believe that the opportunity to beat the course record in your category is one of the great challenges and attractions of this race.

Up to now, we have records for senior crews based on Novice, IM3, IM2, IM1, Senior and Elite. However, the new Competition Framework and PRIs means that these categories are no longer available, and we can’t continue records on this basis.

So we are trialling a new system of records for senior crews based on PRIs.

Depending on the number of entries, races (for pots) will be banded based on PRIs in accordance with the Competition Framework, BUT the boundaries of these bands will vary from year to year, and some races will not attract sufficient entries to warrant banding. So competition banding is NOT a viable basis for long term record comparisons.

We are therefore establishing fixed PRI bands for record purposes. We believe that these will provide a similar format and opportunity for records as the old “Novice /IM3/.. etc” system.

Because PRIs are “personal”, and there are more “persons” in bigger boats, the CRI (Crew Ranking Index) bands increase with boat size. We propose to offer records at the following “CRI Max” bands:





up to 25

up to 50

up to 100

up to 200

26 to 50

51 to 100

101 to 200

201 to 400

51 to 200

101 to 400

201 to 800

401 to 1600

201 to 500

401 to 1000

801 to 2000

1601 to 4000

over 500

over 1000

over 2000

over 4000



  • This system applies ONLY to course records for the Great Ouse Marathon.
  • This system applies ONLY to senior crews. Records for juniors and masters will continue to be based solely on age banding, which has proved successful and popular in the past.
  • Because of the differences between the Competition Framework and this fixed banding for course records, it is QUITE LIKLEY that people in the same competition race can set records at different record bands.
  • We appreciate the effort people have put into establishing existing senior records. However, it is not possible to relate these directly to the new system, so we must have a fresh start in 2018. We will however retain the old records on our website so you can show future generations that you were once a record holder!
  • We endeavour to offer race results in real time, however, at least in the early years, there is likely to be a need for manual intervention to collate the new records; so we cannot guarantee these will be produced before you leave the club. We will however post them on our website as soon as we can, and notify your club contact when we have done so.